On Waiting

I’ve had an incredibly awful week!

Tears, frustration, anger, hopelessly helpless! Until I wasn’t.

I’m fine. I’m good actually. Now! It was a tech issue on a project I’m working on. I couldn’t hurry the process. My techie friend held my hand from afar. Her sage advice?

She said ‘Patience is the key!’

My reply ‘I need a faster key!’

I was reminded that looking straight at an issue or problem doesn’t help. I was reminded that I have to allow myself to fall before I can get back up! I was reminded that I need to trust my process and not try to control it, or over think it too much!

There are so many platitudes out there about waiting!

Another friend, when she hits trouble, asks herself ‘What would Madonna do?’

She’d write a song about it that include the lyrics ‘Time goes by so slowly for those who wait!’

So I’m not just waiting – I’m dancing waiting…


Join Me?