Refined Sparks

This week I had the honour of speaking with the women of The Refinery. Here’s some of the learnings.

You can talk ANYWHERE if you are committed to your idea. One darling women spoke to me on the phone from her car in some country town while wild rain pelted the roof, and her sister wiped the windows.

Fear of something can be minimised by the doing of the thing! In this case fear of being on screen can only be dealt with by being on screen.

Your creative process is in ALL things, not only your artworks. Marketing your idea will develop in the same way as creating your art. Share your lessons with yourself!

When you don’t have time to do something, its okay not to do it. Don’t beat yourself up because you can’t work 36 hours in one day. Take your time, if your idea is solid you can come back to it.

Looking your idea in the eye just scares it away. Demanding answers of yourself is not effective. Do something else for a little while and the ANSWERS will come.

Tomato Timer: This fabulous online tool uses the Pomodoro method to support focus by setting short breaks and then longer breaks. You get lots done.

Before setting up your own platforms, look at platforms already in use that you can begin using before you need to spend time and money setting up your own. eg Red Bubble 

You can’t hide from me. If you are sign up for accountability through The Refinery, I will find you. Sometimes it fear, sometimes it business, sometimes its shyness. Whatever it is – it is stopping you from being FABULOUS.

No spark without dance. This was sent to me to open a meeting with one the Mavericks this week.

Thank you all for playing along – NOW DANCE.

Love Madame Yum