Maverick Salon

Only mavericks can change the world.

def: a person who shows independent thought or action; unbranded

I know so many women I consider mavericks! Women who seem confident, strong and often wild. Fabulous. Society though does not see them the same way. Often we are loath to identify ourselves as a maverick; but not today!

I am a maverick! Not without fear though. I need the strength of other women to stand up as myself, and I want to help you do the same.

A salon is a beautiful place of reception, refreshment and respectful debate.

The Maverick Salon is a place for women of ideas. You don’t need to identify as being a maverick (just yet). A firing table for your ideas, where you are respectfully challenged to be bold.

We all need someone to fire us up, let’s do that together for each other.

Each edition is limited to 10 (ten) women  and one place in each salon will be gifted to a woman with a compelling idea and limited funds.

Sign up to get a personal invitation to the next edition. Limited space, shifting venues, open to those who identify as being a woman wanting to tease her inner maverick to life.