Ideas Edition


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The Maverick Salon is a place of ideas, for women with ideas and a little curiousity.
PLACE: Secret Location
STAKE: $75 (plus ticket fees) inc ideasbook and glass of fizz
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The salon is a firing table to challenge your ideas without fear. Well probably with some fear, however your idea will be held within a circle of other mavericks, and protected beneath a cone of silence**. So who or what is a maverick?


I believe that it takes a circle of women to get ideas off the ground and into the air! My skill is in channelling your idea, challenging your assumptions and being a loud sounding-board for the growth of your idea.


Do you have an idea? I reckon you do! And what is an idea? It might be an idea for a business or enterprise, a concept for a show, or artwork, an audience engagement. It might be an idea about developing your confidence or independence? Ideas cannot be limited! It’s the doing of the idea that important. Dream as big or as little as you want, dreaming are free!


Whatever your idea is, if its burning inside you, it needs air to fire! Time spent on it to focus and explore it. Otherwise it remains a singular spark, something you might do one day!


We all need someone to fire us up. I want us to do that together! This edition of the Maverick Salon is called the Refinery Edition and its about looking closely at your idea and exploring its potential.


This edition is limited to 10 (ten) women at $75 each (plus ticket fees). Your stake includes workbook and a glass of fizz to celebrate at the end of the salon.


One place in each salon will be gifted to a woman with a compelling idea and limited funds. Apply here.


Those who identify as women are welcome. Next Maverick Salon Melbourne February 2018.