The Refinery

Madame Yum’s Refinery

We so often put our new ideas, sometimes ourselves, on the back-burner. Life has a habit of getting in the way. The usual feels easy but stale. Routine is comfortable while change feels hard.

Anne Deveson said ‘Strive for the magnificent’. She did despite her enormous challenges.

What will it take for you to ‘strive’? Everyone needs time to focus, accountability and critical feedback, at a minimum!

The Refinery awaits. It will test you to put your ideas under a steely gaze. Challenge you to put the idea, and yourself, first. It will give you focus, make you accountable to yourself and provide the sounding board of Madame Yum.

The Refinery may be for creative types looking to shape some illusive ideas? May be you have a business idea? You might be feeling in a rut hoping for change? May be you are thinking about starting something new? Possibly the kids have left home and you are ready to start your new phase? May be you know your routine needs a flipping?

Do you suspect you need a shove? A gnarly finger to poke you in the back? Let’s get going!!

The Refinery includes:

  • weekly email digest from Madame Yum’s Ideas Book
  • surprise impromptu tune for you to dance to
  • fortnightly personal contact:
    • first fortnight check in (text/email) to plan strategy
    • second fortnight 1/2hr check in (phone/skype) for accountability
  • all events 20% discount inc:
    • Maverick Salons
    • Screenings
    • Allurements
    • Luxville events

Pay by the month, or save $75 and pay by the year.

Your Stake:


  • Month = calendar month
  • End your subscription anytime